Taraxacum officinale

Tender little dandelion leaves are lovely added to a salad.  I used to mix them with violet leaves, add raisins, olive oil, a splash of vinegar, and sprinkle with sunflower seeds.  So yummy.

Mature dandelion flower stalks, however, ooze a bitter (bitter, bitter!) milky white sap.

She LOVED them.

She shredded stalk after stalk, running them around her two (and emerging third) tooth over and over, until the stalks were split into ribbons.

I include the blurry photo below because you can see her teeth.

I cannot even imagine how bitter this must taste.  This would make plain water taste as sweet as maple syrup!

But clearly, she is enjoying herself.

The cast-off dandelion-stem ribbons.
Kind of pretty, eh?


Hilda said...

She's clearly enjoying them, bitter though they might be! Did she swallow any pieces? She's learning young to gather her food from the wild. Such a cutie!

Abigail said...

We always stick dandelions with split stems in cups of water to curlique the ends. She's so efficient! (Omit the cup of water; use your own drool.)

I am amazed at these pictures because just weeding dandelions from the garden gets more bitter sap on my hands than I'd like. It must be another superpower of hers...