blooms and fuzz

 Some of our dandelions are so tall.  This one is as long as my arm!  See?

 I love these fuzzy ones.

And this less fuzzy one.

I was waiting for the hawthorns to bloom.  They come after the pears, after the apples...
 Last night they finally opened.  I'll have to get proof to show you.  They are magnificent.



Melissa King said...

how are you LOVING not working?? :)

Anonymous said...

Just a swingin' - Looks like Sigrid could do that all day long. Love, Auntie Em

heidiann(e) said...
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heidiann(e) said...

Yupper! Loving it. Every minute, in fact.

Auntie Em!
Hi! Yes, she likes swinging. Especially with a dandelion stalk to munch.

Hilda said...

She's the cutest less-fuzzy dandelion! Mimi

Abigail said...

I laugh every time I see those curlicues sticking out of her mouth. It makes me want to drop everything I should (and NEED) to be doing just to sew her a dandelion onesie. She NEEDS one!

Abigail said...

Bad parenthesis placement.


(If that doesn't get me banned from your blog, I don't know what will)