one of words.

Perhaps it's time for an update?

Phil did not get into the RN program this year at TC3, so is now looking into the LPN program at Boces in Cortland.  He went to the open house there yesterday, and it was a really positive experience.  After our last plans being so thwarted, it feels like folly to plan now, but....  our hope is that after doing the LPN program, he'll be admitted in the RN program for year #2.  In the meantime, he's going to be doing landscaping again this summer, working with the sweet crew he worked with for the past couple years.

I am doing Central Fire, a monthly women's program with Primitive Pursuits.  It's a really special program - ten women with myself and another instructor.  I am inspired by how these incredible ladies are taking time out of their busy lives to connect with the natural world, learn new skills, and make new friends.  This session we're focusing on directional awareness, navigation, and preparing for a campout (which will be part of our last get-together).

We have almost completely eliminated bread from our diets.  We're not going strict Paleo, but we are noticing that we feel better without it.  I don't miss it as much as I thought I would, but I still do miss it.

Tomorrow is my Phil's birthday.  Yay!

We are feeding the birds, and daily delighted by our feathered neighbors.  I am resuming the practice of keeping a list of all species seen or heard.

Spring unfolds slowly here, first in sounds - bird calls returning, water rushing in ditches an seasonal springs.  But the sights of spring are starting to pop now, too - yellow coltsfoot flowers by the driveway, green day lily shoots peeking from grey and brown duff, basswood buds swelling red and plump.


Melissa King said...

so sorry phil did not get into RN program...that is certainly disappointing...i had my fair share of disappointments, when i was in college for physical therapy assistance...keep your head up, and keep your dreams in sight...perservere and you will find your way. :)

Abigail said...

Oh, what a disappointment! I am glad at times like this that our Father knows every last curve of our paths and that He promises GOOD to His children. Sorry this curve came unannounced (do they ever not? and hopeful that all of Phil's dedication and earnest work will be rewarded.

Also, I'm glad you're still sharing your knowledge with others. They are enriched by it, I'm sure.

Also, again, I laughed when I read your carbs comment because
#1. The very first thing you ever told me about Phil, years ago, was that he ate like a caveman :)
#2. Because I just sent you an email a few weeks back that was LOADED with carbs! What a goon!



heidiann(e) said...

Well, despite this, I am still determined to learn how to bake!

And Phil still eats fancy store-bought cookies (which he calls round power-bars) every week. So I really want to learn to make a replacement for those.

SO, I am thankful for cabolicious emails!

Abigail said...

Ha! Power-bars. That's so great.

Baking is easy once you dive into it, and I'm certain you can make power-bars SUPERIOR to those fancy store-bought ones. (Yes, my passion here called for all-caps.) They'll be so good, he'll have to call yours 'superpower-bars.'