frog eggs

Phil returned from a walk with Sigrid announcing they had found frog eggs.  He remembers hatching them in jars when he was a kid, and is toying with the idea of trying it himself.  

We're keeping a list of bird-sightings at our feeders, and I delight in every time we get to add to the list.

Friday was Phil's birthday, and our little cabin was packed with sweet chums, packed in ever closer due to the rainstorm that canceled our bonfire.  Still, it was very fun.

Sigrid, below, in the super-cool backpacking baby carrier lent by some friends.  Phil is the ghostly blur because I didn't have the flash on.  Still, I like how it makes him look like he's moving really fast.

I tried giving her little puffy finger-food treats.  She got them partway in her mouth, and we couldn't stop laughing because they looked like little white snaggle-teeth.

Can you see it?

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Abigail said...

Ha! She's just fine-tuning her Popeye impression.

We were sorry to miss the party. I thought about dragging Dude and Co. out there just so we wouldn't have to miss it but settled for being a good hostess instead.