Bird Language workshop at ESF in Syracuse

After Jon's lecture at the Lab on Friday, we decided to drive up to Syracuse on Saturday evening to see his lecture there.  Afterward, some very gracious new friends offered us a guestroom so we could stay the night and participate in the workshop the next day.

Hooray for spontaneity and golden opportunities!  

Here he told stories and showed the film "The Animal Communicator."

Here Jon is telling the group about the assignment on Sunday morning - to find spots to sit outside, noting any disturbances or bird activity.

I was  happy to absorb the absolute electric excitement of the group while tending to Sigrid's needs.  We took a quick nap on the floor while they were outside, and welcomed them back.

Here the groups split up to draw maps of what they observed.

(Sigrid hunts for things to play with.)

After the maps were drawn, the groups came together to analyze and retell the stories that the maps told.
Forty minutes outside with a roomful of awareness-attuned senses turned into a dynamic three-hour discussion.  It was such an honor to be there.

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