Don't you just hate it when you actually type up a little blog post & it gets lost before you publish it? 
I do.  But then I try to practice detachment, and remember that it happened for a reason, and maybe I'm better with this second draft.


The Saturn is being retired, after serving me faithfully for over 260,000 miles.  

Saturday we went to Skate Jam in Ithaca - where they block off a road on a steep hill for skateboarders to give their moms more grey hair.  Then today three 'boarders then came racing down the hill in front of the cabin!  

Below, Sigrid's first lesson in slacklining.  (If she asks me, I'll try to steer her away from the skateboards.)
As a 16 year-old friend said of his mom, I'm channeling my inner granny.


Abigail said...

Without having read the first, I think this draft is far superior. :)

I love Sigrid on the slackline. She's going to the coolest girl ever.

Also, the Saturn. *sounding taps* It had to happen someday, I suppose, but I kind of wish she'd broken 300 thousand.

Anonymous said...

I can tell Sigrid is looking at you in the last pic, while you're photographing her first balancing experience. That sweet little smile can't be for anyone other than "my mama"!
xo Auntie Lilla