at the Lab last night

Last night Jon Young spoke at the Lab of Ornithology.  He just came out with this amazing book.

We arrived early for a potluck, music, and to enjoy good company.  Jon is one of my heroes, and I think he'd be embarrassed for me to gush any further, so I'll stop there.

Will made the journey from PA for the lecture.  Sigrid stayed up past her bedtime to smile at everyone, watch the birds, and listen to the old time bluegrass.  

It was a special evening.  The hall was packed until there was standing room only, and people spilling out into the halls.

What a treat, and an inspiration.

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Abigail said...

These two posts about Jon Young made me happy, not because I know more than a drop of the reservoir of natural knowledge he (and you!) have acquired through observation and study, but because it shows you and Phil learning and chasing passion with your little one along.

I can't wait to see who she grows into with such wonderful parents beside her!