Mimi is here!

My mom has been here all week, and soon I'll post the photos to prove it.
It's been so nice, and we'll miss her so much.
Yes, she is staying in the yurt.  She has learned to start her own fires, but Phil still starts the first fire each evening.  

Sigrid is venturing into solid foods.  Rice cereal didn't go so well (digestion-wise), but avocados are a huge hit.  And these organic molasses-maple biscuits someone gave us are also very fun.

 Eyes of brown.
Today we hiked in Shindagin Hollow.  It was gorgeous, and treacherous.  I nearly lost my mom over a ravine, but she insists she was in control the whole time.  (She had fallen & was sliding & slipping on her rump, totally nonplussed.)

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