a new chapter

Amore (aka Moe, aka Mr. Birdie) is a Ring-Necked Dove that came to me with his mate, Bella Luna.  They had been purchased to function as a prop in a concert, and found themselves homeless and without work after the performance.

Both lived with me, then moved in with my friend Sara when Phil & I moved to NY.  Bella passed away, and since Amore tended to be abusive, he has remained single.  When Sara moved to IN, Moe moved in with my friend Nicole's family.  Recently, when they moved to KY, he moved back in with us.

I like living with a bird, but have many conflicted feelings about having a caged pet.  I recently did some reading, and learned that this species doesn't live in the wild, and has been a domestic captive for thousands of years.

So, we decided to start letting him out more, and handling him.

It's yet another new chapter for our feathered friend.

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