The stroller's maiden voyage!
I think Captain S. Sparrow likes her snazzy new vessel.  We walked along Level Green, and all was smooth sailing as long as the wind was at our backs.  But, that's how one would expect it, right?
What power!  She lifts her head, she scooches and rotates, and now often ends up in places other than where she started.
 This is a dress I smooshed her into, even though it was too small, because it was so cute.
 And here she is, officially 5 months old!

 I realize that these posts are very Sigrid-centric.  For any of you blog-readers out there who were hoping for more updates on other aspects of living on Goodrich Hill, I apologize.

In other news (and hopefully photos, soon), we are getting two decks installed on the front & back of the cabin.  The impetus for this was learning that code requires outward swinging doors to have a landing... so instead of an unwanted landing, we're scrimping together to get a wanted roofed porch.  So when you come and visit us in the green season, you will find me sitting on my rocking chair on a porch.


Anonymous said...

Five months! I'm excited to be able to finally meet her this weekend!!
Have a safe and uneventful trip...
xo Auntie Lilla

abigail said...

Goodrich Hill news?
Who are these "Phil" and "Heidi" people, anyway?

Sigrid, Sigrid, Sigrid!