Groundhog's Day weekend

Do other families celebrate this holiday?
Well, the Kings do.  At the King Cabin.
With lots of board games, card games, rambling walks in the snow, snacks & feasts, stories and laughter, dogs and kids.

Sigrid enjoyed her first visit to the King Cabin, and her first G'hog Day.

It was quite chilly when we arrived

fellas on the porch 
We were happy to have Tim & Rowan join us too.  Tim and I found what we think were fisher tracks in the woods, but sadly, the photos don't show much.   Rowan kept everyone in line with his chess prowess.

good times with Pa

ready for a ramble

this is the puzzle that sadly defeated us

boys on the bridge (l-r: Tim, Rowan, Rudy, Moose, Matt, George, Phil)


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You married into a pretty awesome family.