This past week we took a whirlwind trip to Chicago.
Sigrid got to meet her Uncle Dieter, Auntie Jen, new (adorable) cousin Maximilian, my cousins Emily & Erin & Erin's family, and even her great Uncle Chuck & Auntie Lilla.

Being with family was wonderful and precious.  And it went by far too quickly.

Here. Sigrid shows what she thinks of my smooches.

Auntie Lilla reading to a captive audience of littles.

Look!  A whole couch of Boothroyd offspring!

Happy auntie with dear little Max (photos will never do his blue eyes justice)

Happy floor time

A very happy Mimi with an armload of cute.

Good day.

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abigail said...

1. I LOVE that smoochie face. It's funny. We're so used to the electronic Sigrid that even Pip will say, "Oh, there's Sigrid! She's cute." when she she sees a blog picture.

2. The picture of you all on the couch together made me very happy. I think it's such a wonderful thing that you and Dieter have children so close in age, and I can't even imagine how delighted your mom must be!

3. That last picture? I want to gobble her up.