a few snippets

The holidays were wonderful - full of time with family, time with my beloved and our little girl, some adventures, and visits with good friends.  The people we visited taught me more about hospitality, and I am so grateful.

But I digress... here's just a few photos.

Sigrid, napping on her Great-Nancy's bed during holiday festivities.

Happy Christmas morning.
 Good times with cousin Gemma.  I wonder what Sigrid is thinking about?
 Driving in Lancaster County farmland, I asked George to try to get a photo of the BABY MINIATURE GOATS.  Yes, you heard right, and YES they were incredibly cute.

Unfortunately, also skittish, and tiny, so you can barely see them here in a clump.
 This fella was more comfortable with strangers.

On our way to Florida, stopped in a hotel.
Big beds are SO fun.

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Anonymous said...

A--dorable! Such a little "sweet pea."
She looks like YOU, Heidi, in that last picture!
xo Auntie Lilla