various and sundry things.

 Dolled up to go to Papa's scholarship reception.
 quick nap first.
On the drive to Lancaster

 Best friend Revel!  (at The Seed)
  Sigrid's tiny tree from cousin Gemma.
Magnified plaid.
 A tiny troll emerges from her log in the woods.
 She did not like it very much in there.
 A series of portraits by the hollow log.

 Can hardly believe how lucky I am.
 Auntie Tash!
 Super-cool raven hat from Hillary L.
 ....and some good faces from the maker of faces.

 Today Sigrid figured our how to grab her toy firefly hanging on her play-gym.


abigail said...

#1. Scholarship? Three cheers for Phil!

#2. Your Sparrow is getting even cuter!

Anonymous said...

She looks so proud of her accomplishment! And, speaking of accomplishments - our congratulations to Phil on the Scholarship!
Love, Auntie Lilla