glad you dropped by....

Sorry, I didn't have a chance to clean up.
But here's the living room, with Toby in his new bed.  He now favors it over the baby's play gym.
 Cozy mess, but this is where I like to drink my tea.


 Phil built a bookshelf over the office.

 And set up hooks for our hammocks upstairs.  He takes them down when not in use.
 But he puts them to good use.

 Bedroom, with quilt on the wall by Sarah C, our original yurt inspiration.
If I could rotate photos easier, I'd show you the tiny bathroom.
Please come again!


abigail said...

I love your home. It is perfect.

I didn't notice the wall hanging when we were there. Lovely!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the tour, but especially appreciated the two pictures of Daddy and Baby. Such a study in contrasts: big Daddy/wee Baby, hammock in log cabin, with quilts on bed and wall/Daddy reading a Kindle! Loved the dichotomy!
xo Auntie Lilla