11 weeks old

Sigrid is exploring the world of her hands, through her mouth.  It's serious business at times.

 Officially 11 weeks old - and getting strong practice at "tummy-time."
 I am amazed how much she is changing - here you can see how her eyes are losing their blue, becoming more greenish.  But still changing - they may end up brown!

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Anonymous said...

I haven't looked at your blog for a month. That's too much time to let go by when watching the changes a wee one makes - in EVERY way. She is beautiful and I love her, even though we've never met! I'm sorry you won't be in Chicago when I come up for little Bitty's third birthday at the end of January. I would love to see you all and meet your precious little birdie before she develops "stranger awareness" at 6-12 months. Grandma loved having you all in Florida - she thought Sigrid was "an angel."!
Love, Auntie Lilla