visits, and turning 7 weeks old

The past couple weeks have brought visits from dear friends, snow, rain, and more smiling & giggling from the little bird-girl.
 Steve & Nicole and Winona came for a weekend visit - so short, but so sweet.

 Team Stripes came to explore our stairs
 Flat elephant entertains at diaper-change time.

 HA!  That flat elephant is SO funny!
 She has been sucking on her clenched fist, but sometimes the thumb sneaks out & she ends up slurping loudly on her thumb.  I find the whole situation very adorable.
Ready for church - Papa wanted to make it look like she was walking down the stairs.  

Bundled & ready to brave the freezing rain.


Hilda said...

She is just so adorable! Can't wait to be with her again.

abigail said...

Three cheers for Ericksons and Noni! Plus, I love your Sparrow in that little brown hat. She looks like an acorn elfling.