ever thankful.

Our trip down to Lancaster for Thanksgiving was rich with time spent with family & dear friends.

Sigrid was finally able to meet Revel in person - although I am still convinced they had already met somewhere in the twinkling stars.  So, behold, the Tribe's next generation - born a mere three days apart.  And no, that was not planned.
Phil bought an inflatable kayak for our upcoming adventure to Florida.  Here he tests it in the Kings living room, with his top girls.
 These people kept trying to steal out baby.
Sweet Karolina: smallest King of our Turkey-day hosts.  It was such a fun day - food, laughter, clay shooting, pony-riding, and lots of stories.
Matt & Missy - we can't thank you enough!
 Nana & Paw.
 Grateful for my little family.
 Little sprout.

Gemma LOVES her cousin, "Baby Sigrid."  She was SO happy to hold her, help change diapers, comfort her, give her a bath, & bring her toys.  When I would nurse, she would sit & kiss Sigrid's soft little head over & over again.
 We brought along some Silly String for Gemma.  Papa Phil decorated Sig after the canister was emptied.
 The fellas
 The Tribe, at Alice's, of course.

 And here's the little bird, on her official 10-week birthday.

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Missy. said...

looks like you had so much fun. yay. for that. :) that picture of karolina is hilarious. so serious. i just saw today she popped thru 2 molars. eeekkk. no wonder she was a grouch. :) so good seeing you guys...mis.