Here she is, officially 7 weeks old.
 Diaper off - a good time to flex & bend.  And chew on clenched fingers/thumb.
Almost ready for our walk.
 And walking!
 Home from the walk - ejected from the carrier.  First trial of the snow-suit.  Mama approves.


Hilda said...

Those legs are certainly getting chubby!

abigail said...

Wheee! Sigrid is so lovely and has such an impish grin. I love her already. I also enjoyed that when I read "And walking!" for a moment my foggy thought was that SHE was doing the walking. She's waaay ahead of the game, and I'm waaaay overdue for a visit. She'd better not be walking by the time I hold her!

p.s. How can you stop staring at her when she's sleeping? Look at her cute little lips all tucked in! Do it. Do it now! Go look at her cute little lips all tucked in!