quick update

Due to recovering from our c-section, my milk supply was delayed. Sigrid lost too much weight, and it was really scary. But now we're working with a wonderful lactation consultant (so thankful for Shanna & the milk-donor's generosity), and on a rigorous schedule, pumping & feeding every 2 hours around the clock. My mom & Papa Phil are so helpful, up all hours with me. Thankfully, my supply is increasing, and Sigrid is perking up & gaining weight again.


abigail said...

So much to say!

Sigrid Sparrow. How utterly exquisite and perfect she is, all cream and roses and sweetness. And her name is lovely. I can't wait to meet her!

I am so thankful that she arrived safely and that she's now gaining weight. It must have been difficult to be weighed down with mama-worry while recovering from a c-section, and I pray that the only thing that now weighs you down is her little self curled close...

Praise God for His gift! SO glad she's here; you must be smitten!

You're probably tired and sleepy and all that, too, and I'd like to bring a meal soon before she grows too big. Kathy's email said that you'd prefer meals on Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Saturdays, but when I went to sign up, it only listed Wed., Fri., and Saturdays. Which would you prefer? Let me know, and we'll bring a steaming meal soon, with something sweet to match the lass, and eight Owen ruffians, all of whom will have been warned to "Shhhh. Just be careful and quiet and still and good." :)

Love you all buckets and buckets and can't wait to see you!!!!

a whole row of xxxxxxxxxxxxs
and quite a few

heidiann(e) said...

We are totally, hopelessly & utterly smitten. It's overwhelming & wonderful.

And we would LOVE a visit from you all! Phil has class on Tues & Thurs, so Mon & Weds & Sat are better (he'd be so sad to miss a visit from your clan).

Hope to see you soon!
more xo's back to you,