visitors, and stages of moving

 Phil's cousin Matt & Missy & their sweet 5 kiddos were some of our first cabin visitors last week.  Missy took some good photos & put them on her blog here.  (And Missy, you give us FAR too much credit!)  It was a really fun, albeit all-too short, visit.

 Phil cranked out some steps in about an hour.  I was amazed - and so thankful to not have to clamber up on my knees any more.

 This past weekend, Momma Sue & Poppa Stan came to lend a hand.  The fellas re-dug a ditch for the electric wiring, and Sue schlepped stuff from yurt to cabin until the sun went down.  Then she cooked for us.

 This is Sunday morning breakfast.  (She also brought a table & tablecloth!)
 Paul & Kathy & Maria were away, so Ruby was our dog for the week, too.
 Toby & Angelica do like the new cabin.  We're currently sleeping in the cabin, but without lights or running water, we're still doing the cooking & other life-logistics in our yurt.
Saturday some friends came out to help with ditch-digging & furniture-moving.  I feel really grateful.

Tuesday we might have our utilities hooked up - yippee!

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Missy. said...

love all these pics...can't wait to see the baby in them next. :) thinking of you a little each day. it's never that fun to be overdue. :) xoxo. ~mis. oh...and oh my word. you deserve all the credit in the world FOR REAL. :)