Baby shower

On May 19th, Emiley & Momma Sue hosted a beautiful baby shower for me.
It was outside, under a pavilion, and the theme was all birds.  It was so pretty - I loved every second of it.  I wish I had more photos to show you how pretty a day it was - I felt so surrounded by love.

The food was amazing, and I was showered with wonderful gifts.  My mom made a baby quilt using some of the table-runner fabric from our wedding.  (She's also made us a full-sized quilt to match.)
Sweet Gemma is very excited for the baby.  She told me, "I love your baby."
Herbal baby-care kit from Tasha.
Pack & Play!
Hand-knit quilt from Grandma Nancy.
There were beautiful flowers everywhere
Bird mobile that Emiley made for the baby.  I don't have a photo of the favors, which were tiny bird-nests with egg-shaped candies.

It was a really special day.
Oh, and I gave everyone fortune cookies.
(This was Phil's idea - I think it went over pretty well.)


Sandy said...

You are SOOOO beautiful. And a GIRL! Eeeeek! (Girl squeel.) I wish I could have been there, and I wish that I COULD be there, and I wish your beautiful wee girl wouldn't be a whole year old by the time I CAN be there, but it hardly all matters, because you will soon have her and happiness will likely flood across the Atlantic, round the Cape of Good Hope, and I'll catch the back splash here on the eastern side:) LOVE YOU!!!

Missy. said...

so fun to be a part of your shower...loved knowing what's growing inside. great idea phil. :)

sarah said...

So pretty, all of it, and especially you! Congratulations on your girl!

Nathan and Erin said...

Hi Heidi, Your mom was over tonight and we were talking 'babies.' I am so excited for you! Hope you are well! Love, Erin

Auntie Lilla said...

Hi Sweet Girl:
I was on the phone with your mom and she sent me to your blog to see how much more you have "blossomed" since the shower. It was a very fun weekend! I'm glad you're doing so well. Love the pic of the baby clothes on the line!