King Cabin

A wonderful weekend at the King cabin, with family & friends, a ton of food, and a surprise hot-tub! There were 22 of us all together - the biggest crowd I've ever experienced at the cabin. We all packed in, and we packed in a lot of fun.

Breakfast preparations - every meal we all sat together.

Bow-drill tutorial

Nice walks by the creek

Smiling kids in the hot-tub
Rowan & Kayden entertained us by jumping from hot-tub to frigid creek, then running across the huge lawn to jump back into the hot-tub. Repeatedly.

Matt is the only one missing in this photo.
This really is one of my favorite places.


Missy. said...

could you e-mail me the group pic from the cabin. would love it. thank you!! mrkbc@epix.net. hope you are feeling good. mis.

abigail said...

The pictures you post from these visits always make me kind of wish I was a member of the King clan. They seem like such a warm and likable bunch, which makes perfect sense considering Phil sprung from them.