Lots of rich and wonderful changes here on Philosophy Road and Yurtlandia.

Phil Squirrel has started classes at TC3, hoping to lay the groundwork to apply for nursing school in Fall 2013.

We are also laying the ground work, literally and figuratively, for setting up a small cabin on our land. The yurt will remain - it is such an important part of our homestead - it will be great lodging for visitors, living space, studio space, etc.

The cabin is 16'x25', with a full loft. We are ordering a custom design from WoodTex, and hope to have it here late this summer.

As all those plans were taking shape, we realized another big change was on the way for us. This blessed little critter that has been quietly growing...

... and should also arrive (custom designed) in early September.


Sandy said...

Hello, little friend. How many places on this electronic world can I post my wishes to?? They are numberless! But totally unsatisfying. More love - and I can't wait to visit!!

Nursing School!!!!!!!!!! Phil!!!!!

abigail said...

A NEW CABIN!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe it!

(Did you know my dad's a nurse? They're handy to have around the yurt-cabin.)

Oh, yes, and a little one to fill it demands some exclamation marks, too.


Ever since your call, thoughts of you and Phil and the wee one pop into my thoughts at unexpected times throughout the day, and I can't help but grin.

You have people rejoicing with you from the west coast to the east, and beyond to the Indian Ocean. So wonderful. This baby is already loved the whole world over.

the tent maker said...

yay!!!! how are you feeling dear cousin?