Spring doings

Spring has been slowly emerging, and taking the Spring Field Ornithology class through the Lab of O is one of the springiest highlights of life for me right now.

Below, Great-horned and barred owl specimens from the museum collection at the Lab.

Below, a Black-crowned Night-heron I photographed through a scope while with our field-trip group on Saturday. He was gorgeous - first I'd ever seen one. East end of Dryden Lake.
A possum skull - gift from bro-in-law, GK. Thank you George, for this gift, and for knowing how happy it would make me.
Three feline skulls - two domestic cat skulls (each found by friends and given to me), and one serval cat skull, which I cleaned from a head given to me by friends.

That's it for now.
Stay tuned for pictures to be posted soon of all the lovely yurt-furniture that Phil has built recently.


auntie lilla said...

Ayeee! What happened to the owls?? Little skulls and skeletons I can see cleaning and preserving -- but whole feathered birdie-bodies?!? Where did they come from and who caused their demise???

abigail said...

Maybe they're just resting?