Autumn snaps

A few photos of Yurtlandia, as of late....

Sprouting shitake logs! Thank you Tim RedBeard!

My lovely asters - thank you Kathy!

My cozy bath-house. So many thanks to dearest Phil, who knows how I love a warm shower.
(Currently , we heat it with a portrable propane heater, and to shower I heat a 3-gallon pressurized water-tank on our propane stove, then carry it out. Eventually we'll get the wood-fired hot-water heater totally up and going.)

The lovely wild apples, thanks to this amazing land that we are so blessed to call home.

Collected this bagful by just wandering around.


Hilda said...

How do the apples taste--are they sour? And did you eat the mushrooms? Thanks for posting again! And I hope I let you get dirty enough when you were little. Love you.

heidiann(e) said...

The apples - tart.

The mushrooms - sauteed with butter, so good!

Posting - no, no, thank YOU for reading!

The dirt - can you ever get ENOUGH play-in-the-dirt time?