home in winter

Toby in favorite basket.
The *NEW* wood-fired hot-water heater, awaiting installation in the *NEW* bath-house.
Yes, its name IS AguaHeater.

Angelica in favorite basket.

Names, with *NEW* penny, forever in the *NEW* bath-house footers.

Inside yurt. Same old.

Another view, from the doorway.

*NEW* SNOW! One view of *NEW* bath-house.

Another view of *NEW* bath-house. Is this getting old yet?

Interior of yurt, facing woodstove from kitchen area. New shelves, and snapper-turtle shell hanging beneath. A tad bit messy in there. But cozy and warm.

Ooo! I like this view - it shows the one side of the bath-house that has siding - it's larch. So pretty, eh?


Liana said...

i love getting glimpses into your cozy, life.
miss you, heidi.

flowers said...

Wonderful! I can't wait to see this *new bathhouse* in person!!!!!!!

Miss you guys!