holiday snips

Big gator. This was as close as I'd let Phil paddle the canoe.
Turtles, with feet sticking out. For balance, I wonder?

Childlike wonder can't be beat.

Sandhill crane.

Take a walk on the boardwalk. It bounces.

A stolen moment, showing Clara a duck. This was the only time she stopped running.

At Wekiwa State Park, from the canoe.

It was warm in Florida. As hard as one tries not to acclimate, one does. Then at home, it feels cold. But after a few days of snow and lower 20's the spike to mid-20's feels luxious. I guess I'm back to normal.

Gemma, chillin' with Uncle Phil.

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the tent maker said...

The last picture with Gemma and her Uncle Phil is just absolutely adorable!!! I can't get over how cute it is. It was so great seeing you over the holidays... How was the reminder of your vacation. Hugs and kisses,