It's been a while.

The yurt, getting dressed in her new spot.

Silly canoe campers, giddy with fresh air and beauty all around.

Us. Happy.


Hilda said...

Glad to see some updated pictures. You and the yurt look happy. Hope to see you there before the year is over. Love, MOM

flowers said...

Yay! We just got Phil's message. Been thinking of you guys a lot and would love to come out and have dinner. Or have you guys here. Or do anything fun in any fun capacity :-)

The pictures are great.

Anonymous said...

So happy! I love it.


abigail said...

26 minutes.

TWENTY-SIX minutes!

Knowing that information without putting it to good use with a visit is pretty dumb, huh.

Will your yurt fit soon-to-be-seven?