Lucky 77

In the flow of natural cycles, I remind myself that Spring is naturally the busiest time of crazy growth and endless motion. I wake early, and retire late, moving in between from project to project, all the while feeling my way toward whatever step should come next. Sometimes it feels like I am moving blindfolded along a trail, with the occasional tangle in brambles to indicate I've veered too far in one direction.

But, each step moves toward growth and dreams come true.

So, here, something nearly concrete: We are landowners. Which is only real in a certain form of reality.
What feels more real, is that now we have been given permission to steward and care for a little bit of earth, and to make our home there.

A brief description: We bought 11 acres in the town of Caroline, which is about 20 minutes from downtown Ithaca. The land is all wooded: near the road, it's a lot of old apple trees, hawthorn, and multiflora rose. That area is also pretty wet, and more recently disturbed, possibly old pasture. Farther back, the land slopes upward, and it's mostly sugar maples and ash trees, with a few serviceberries, black cherry, beech, and one big red oak. I'm sure there's more to discover, but that's initially what we've found.

Oh, and one of the best parts: the neighbors. Our dear friends Paul, Kathy, Ruby and their chickens live next door. We're excited to collaborate with them on projects and adventures. I can't wait to become a part of the community there.

We've cleared a spot for the yurt, and hope to move it there in the next month or so. I tried uploading pictures, but for some mysterious reason, the library computer won't let me. So you'll just have to come for a visit.


Hilda said...

So excited for you about your land! Can't wait to tramp through it and see all the trees you've described. It should be a beautiful setting for your yurt. Lovely days ahead! Love you. MOM

flowers said...

We can't wait to come out and celebrate the land with your guys! Sacred Space for sure.

We will see you tomorrow!

Thanks for the linky love :-)