headed toward closing

Happy first day of spring!

Just a dose of quick news:

I've been through my first full week as an official Field Instructor for Primitive Pursuits. I love it, although I've been spending more time in the forests than in the fields. And probably more time playing than instructing, as well. Go fig.

Through many roller-coaster ups and downs (and not to say we're clear of those), we're headed on Wednesday to sign many papers to officially purchase and close on 11 acres of wooded land in the town of Caroline!

Stay tuned for further tales.


Auntie Lilla said...

Congratulations on becoming a landowner!!

Anna said...

We are happy for you Heidi and Phil Love you Grandma

abigail said...


This is very exciting news! I'm so very happy for you two!!!

A few more for good measure...


dbardy said...

Congrats to you both. I tried to MSN Map it to see where you live, but are you sure Caroline is a town, or more of a lively crossroads? :)