bits and pieces.

After a season of a little type, and few photos, I will keep my words short, and offer these below.


When days were warmer.

A visit from some very special creatures. (We found about 7 around the yurt this fall.)

We offer evidence that Ithaca is gorges.

Our new old "Tiny" truck.

An old Sequoia gets a hug from a squirrel and me.

In Yosemite, CA.

Dieter and Jen's beautiful wedding.Some beautiful people I know and love.

Us, gussied up.


Sandy said...

I miss you guys SO much! And, IF I had forgotten how pretty you are (which I didn't) these pictures would have been a good reminder. You guys look happy and healthy and lovely as ever.

abigail said...

I second the prettiness! The dress, too, especially with you in it.

Is that a baby snapper? Very cool.

And I was thinking that perhaps Phil could get in trouble for scooting up a sequoia until I realized, duh, he's a squirrel! Nobody in their right mind's going to mess with a tree-climbing squirrel.

Lastly, I just watched "Syriana" last night, and there's something about a young suicide bomber in the film that reminds me of your Phil-- the boyish grin and the eyes, I think.

Don't worry. He-- the film boy-- was portrayed sympathetically, and I don't think you need to worry about Phil blowing anything up. Just in case, though, you might want to search his bag...