Sesonal postings, eh? Maybe I can do that.

Projects are underway, while others are thwarted. This weekend (in preparation for the visit of Kings), Phil made steps up to our deck (replacing the stack of two cinder blocks), a rainwater cachement barrel with spigot (to function as handwashing station), and a new compost bin with opening front (made of wooden pallets). Phil has also invested in his first ever motor vehicle (unless you count the old Vespa): an old Toyota truck. I can't wait to be able to post pictures again, and introduce you to "The Tiny Truck," named after the cool guy we bought it from. (His name is Tiny, not "Truck" or "The," you sillies.)

Our offer on the lovely plot of land in Caroline was rejected, hence the mention of thwarted plans and projects. It seemed perfect in so many ways, and so hopeful that we'd get it. But now we're prayerfully transitioning into looking for what is next. It is a great blessing that we have our spot at the Plantsmen, and no rush to leave its comfort and beauty.

I've been teaching a homeschool program with Primitive Pursuits. I love it. I love the kids, love my co-instructors, love the woods we explore and play in. We've played games, are working on a great water-tight shelter, made Sumac "lemonade," sweet goldenrod tea, fire-roasted day lilly tubers (yum.). We've scaled cliffs, crossed streams, slid back down other cliffs, found feathers and other treasures and mysteries, and we tell stories and work on fire skills. And it's only been a few weeks. Did I mention how fun it is?

My feather and skull collection grows, and my bird-sighting list gets longer.
The world is beautiful enough for a thousand lifetimes.

I'm also still working at the nursery, and Phil is usually doing landscaping. I'm getting better at identifying plant families, and learning my way a little more around the Latin names. I also dare to hope that I may be learning a little about caring for plants and trees, but I'm generally stumped by any quesion a customer asks.

Last night we stayed up listening to a fox barking for a long time. A pileated woodpecker has seemingly moved into the woods nearby, perhaps for the winter. I love hearing his laughter, then looking around for the slow flapping shape overhead.
I've been running (actually jogging, but I like to call it running). I see deer and vultures, squirrels and bluejays, and sometimes a Cooper's hawk or kestrel. We live in such a beautiful area. The sweet tangy autumn-olives came and went, and the ash- and maple-trees are showing their vibrance.
All our wood is stacked and ready for winter, and I feel myself turning inward, in that Autumn way.

Thank you for reading.


Liana said...

yay heidi - it's good to hear of what you've been up to - and all the beauty!
glad you are well.

Hilda said...

It is so good to read your thoughts and comments again. Glad you're enjoying the fall, your home and your work (though it doesn't sound like work!) Sorry about the derailed dreams--but there is a better place out there for you, I'm sure! Take care. Love, MOM

Sandy said...

I'm glad you popped in for a second, so I can re-envision you and where you are.

I'll start homeschooling Griff in less than a year, and wish I was in NY to send him along with Aunt Heidi to show him the many wonderful ways of the woods. Miss you as always. Love you as ever!

Kelly Yellow said...

I miss you. I love you.

winona said...

I'm sorry you didn't get that land. It sounded right. Wishing you clarity for the roads ahead...

Anonymous said...

reading your comments on daily life reminds me a little of what life was like growing up with time to play, and explore, etc. Sounds like you're happy. :)

abigail said...

We made sumacade, too! We did not, however, make fire-roasted day lily tubers, which sounds incredibly good even though I can't even imagine what the taste would be.

I am sorry about the land. I hope something even more perfect is waiting unseen for you both!

Thank you for the code info. You know what, you'll probably never even read this comment...I'd better leave a phone message.

One more thing. Winter's almost here! You're due for another post, missy. Ooooobly love!

Bex 3.0 said...


I'm so glad you blog about your amazing life. Your beautiful words make me miss the magic mountains in I-town. I will be in Ithaca to visit friends for a few days over Christmas. Can't wait! Say hello to the vultures for me, please.