times changing

This is my final week taking care of the twins.
I want to savor every moment, but right now I am suffering from the vicarious agony of their binkies being retired. Sleep is difficult now for them, but just as essential to all of our sanity.

Here is a track. And my hand.

I'm wondering how I'll keep up with this blog once I'm working at either the nursery or in the woods with kids during camp.

Below is a trout lilly blooming.
Our apprenticeship also winds down in a month from now. I'll really miss gathering with these fellow seekers. Here Phil is on a steep hill, pausing on a break of looking up wonderful spring flowers.
Here are Nicole and Steve, who will move here soon. Yea!
Living at the nursery has a lot of perks - flowers everywhere being one of them. This little cultivar found its way into the woods behind the nursery. We don't know much about it, except that it enjoys its wild new life.
Phil. My constant.
After the red maples bloomed, they dropped their vibrant little fireworks in a carpet beneath their limbs. They're often the first to bloom, but this is the first year I ever really even looked at them.
That's all for now.


Matt Hardy said...

dang. lucky you to get a possum and five cents.

auntie lilla said...

It has to be bittersweet for you -- leaving the twins, but starting a whole new adventure.

Sandy said...

Pretty girl, lovely thoughts. Miss you much.

And, Steve and Nicole will be moving "where" soon? Ithica? Not into your yurt, I supposed. A bit cramped for four... though you could make room for one more TINY person, I would think:)

Spike said...

Sweet! All the cool people are moving to Ithaca, I s'pose...

Hilda said...

Dearest Heidi, I've been so busy and looked at your blog in a while and was surprised to see all the pictures you've posted. The ones of the skulls reminded me of the owl pellet class you took at the Field Museum eons ago. Such cute tiny little skulls you discovered there! I look the picture of you standing by the lighthouse--yes, I thought of Holly as well! And the ones of the falls are beautiful--they're what I always want to see when I visit you. The crashing thunder of waterfalls is wonderous and thrilling. Hope your week goes well. Love you both. MOM

abigail said...

Maybe we should move to Ithaca, too... It's sad that ye olde blog is the easiest and most constant link, and now even that is getting dusty!

Loads of love to you with hopes that you're enjoying all that summer brings!

dinodude said...

Remember. the harder you pull the harder they bite down. Trust Me!