Phil turns 24!

We had a great weekend of celebrating Phil's birthday. Steve and Nicole came up for a visit, and we had a slacklining picnic with bonfire and hot dogs by the pond.

Phil preps the one-match fire.

Solomon gets serious with rock-throwing.Picnic fun!

Here Phil is enjoying his novelty beer from Steve. Yes, folks, it's called a PorkSlap, and Phil insists that it tasted like Sweet Tarts. I also especially like this picture because of Paul's smile in the background.

Joel with Kael, young master of the flirty eyebrows.
On Sunday we went to Salmon Creek Falls. We wanted to swim, but it was still a little cold for that.
Cute Nikki:Phil watching the fishermen below.
Phil in the tempest below.
And here, my mayapples opening up.
There's more! See below, all out of order.


abigail said...

I was so taken with Phil's fierce grin in the foreground that I didn't even notice Paul's in the background!

SweetTarts, indeed...

sharon said...

Happy Birthday Phil!

auntie lilla said...

I know so little....what's a "slacklining picnic?" I looked and looked through your pictures for any little clue -- a picnic table lashed together with some sort of line, a shelter held up by rope... anything to answer my own question. (And what is a slackline, anyway??) And what are mayapples? I thought they were some sort of fruit, maybe a little like crab apples, but in your photos they look like little plants. I stand ignorant before you (but what can you expect from someone who has lived ten minutes from DisneyWorld for twenty-five years and still thinks it's a fun place to spend a day!?!)

heidiann(e) said...

auntie lilla-
yes, that was rather obscure, wasn't it? slacklining is walking (and/or doing tricks) on a bouncy piece of webbing (flat rope about 3/4 inch wide) slung up between two trees, spanning usually about 30 feet. we had 3 set up at our wedding. and that is what we had at the birthday picnic, which wasn't clear, i now see.
mayapples are wonderful little faerie-like plants that look like green umbrellas. they are totally poisonous to us, except when their little lemon-yellow fruits ripen.

auntie lilla said...

Thanks for the information, dear Heidi. I do remember the squirrel and friends scampering and playing on suspended ropes at your wedding celebration. I guess I just didn't know the name of the activity!
Do you eat the ripened fruit of mayapples?