In Ithaca, Spring is certainly a time of emergence. We now refer to our Saturdays as "vacation days," due to the fun we keep finding. Now, we go to the Farmer's Market, bump into people we know, go somewhere for coffee, pick up the milk share, go hiking, et cetera.

Recently we went on a walk near Cornell along Cascadilla Gorge. There, right next to campus, is a series of several waterfalls. We walked along, exclaiming all along, "I can't believe we LIVE here!"

Phil also took me to Meyer's Point, on the east shore of Cayuga Lake.
Phil explores the driftwood:
I found these stones imbedded in the driftwood roots, lodged there when the tree was upright and growing, now following the wood in its watery travels.
I posed by a lighthouse and thought of Holly Z, and our mutual admiration for all things lighthousey.


abigail said...

It is beautiful.

I'm glad you live there, and I'm glad you take your camera about!

abigail said...

And Millie's glad, too.

She keeps whispering, "Where's Aunt Heidi?" I think the lighthouse and falls pictures with you in front will have to suit, so it's time to scroll back to them so she can have her fill...

sharon said...

You're so beautiful Heidi! It makes me long for you so...

in a not creepy way.

heidiann(e) said...

thanks you guys!
(xo's to you both, and millie too!)