what IS she doing?

Since I like posting photos, and lack much computer technology in life, my posts recently have been a lot of past review. I thought maybe I'd write a little here of what is actually going on NOW - although I have no photos to prove it.

The snow is gone. Really gone.

I miss the tracks everywhere - the perfect evidence of our co-inhabitants and neighbors under our noses. Now, I explore every muddy bank and dusty spot for clear prints of passers-by, and I am sometimes rewarded with a baby-hand pawprint of Raccoon, or monkey-thumbed Opossum, or any number of others, identifiable or not.

I have never before been so aware, and so in love with, tree flowers. The ground now is dusted with exquisite red shadows under the red maples, and what looks like little grey squirrel tails under the aspens. Norway maples suprised me with puffball explosions of fragrant green starbursts. The willows are soft and yellow, weeping into ponds and unfurling green.

In front of the yurt, a small forest of umbrella-shaped Mayapples have popped up, and I talk to them every morning and night, and they make me SO happy. I daily nibble trout-lilly, leeks, onion grass, coltsfoot, dandylion, sedums, yum-yum-yum. And that which doesn't delight my tastebuds, delights other senses: trillium, bloodroot, hepatica, snowdrops, and again, many others yet unidentified.

My dwindling days with the twins have been full of sunshine and exploration. Up on Beam Hill, the days seem to be flying by. I realize what a blessing I was given when I linked to this family, and this lovely woodland where they live. I want to remember the backdrop of blue sky, green-tipped tree branches waving overhead, and two wind-whipped blonde heads bent over a babbling creek, watching stones plop into ripples, all the while serenaded by the Pileated woodpecker's laugh.

It's wild - Spring moves in my blood, changing my appeteite, making my legs want to run. At the same time, it stirs in my imagination, gracing nighttime with vivid dreams, and daytime with inspiring daydream adventures. All I want to do is lay in a hammock by the pond all day and be able to hike the whole Finger Lakes trail at the same time. Spring makes it seem like this is possible.

Okay, here's just one outdated photo for this post:

Phil turned 24 last Saturday. We had a hot-dog cookout by the pond, a bonfire, a slackline, and friends. It was so fun, it felt like it was my birthday. I am very grateful for Phil's birth and life. He makes me laugh at everything.

That's all I can think of for an update now. When I try to say what I'm up to, I still tend to write what's going on around me. I guess that means that all the Spring stuff that's going on around me, is the same as what is going on inside me. This is life.


Auntie Lilla said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Phil!!
Loved reading about spring up north. We don't notice it much here in the sunny south, but you helped me remember what it's really like with your insightful descriptions. You almost made me miss the snow.......nah! Not really!!
Love to you both.

abigail said...

I do enjoy your writing. More, more!

And happy, squirrel-ish birthday thoughts to your Phil!

sharon said...

Yea for your life! And Yea for Phil's birth! I have been thinking of you guys so often I almost wrote you a letter, a real life letter.


Hilda said...

I loved the description of all the spring-time blooms. It is so wonderful to see everything coming back to life--life that was there but was hidden. It does make me want to shout and sing. Love you guys, MOM