A gathering of stones

At Hawk Circle:
shelter in progress
lashing detailshelter

basswood basket detail

bark canoe

contents of a bird (owl? hawk?) pellet
Phil up a grapevine


Ricardo Sierra said...

Nice pics of your trip out here! Thanks for coming up and I hope all is well out in the land of the Onondaga!

Take care and stay in touch...

If you want, check out my blog called 'The Trailhead' for our earth skills correspondence course students, or anyone, really.....


see you!


abigail said...

Where was this?

I really like that picture of Squirrel shimmying skyward.

heidiann(e) said...

Hiya Ric!
Thanks for visiting my blog! We had a wonderful time seeing your place, and talking with you and Barry and the guys.

Hawk Circle is near Cooperstown and Cherry Valley.
i'd recommend a visit!

heidiann(e) said...

oh, and the one of Phil was somewhere around Ithaca.

Liana said...

The things you do always amaze me!