Here we are in central New York, amidst the melting snow, giving way to the budding palm trees...

Just kidding. (ha ha) These are of course pictures from our Florida visit in December. Actually, here in NY it is in the upper 50's, and we've been working on building snow shelters, and the neighbor's igloo is still strong enough to play in with the twins (which we did all morning).

Mischief a'brewing.

Spanish moss.

Manatee skull.

Cute cuz, just 'cuz.

Dieter and Emily.

Phil very excited about wild citrus fruit. We thought they were oranges, but tasted horrible. Maybe just lemons, but they even seemed too sour for that.


Me & Dieter.

I'm starting to make a list of all the things I want to do when the whirlwind of Spring begins. That was nearly damaging, however, as I got really fixated on the idea of opening the windows (which I can't really do fully yet).

I feel too scattered to write much. Maybe later.


Nathan and Erin said...

You didn't fool me! I still wish we could have come to FL in December...but we are really looking forward to seeing you in June! Love you!

Auntie Lilla said...

I'm glad you were able to see some "natural" Florida. We're not all Disney World and Universal Studios!