Spring, the First

Spring is unfolding slowly this year.
Despite a new inch of snow today, the evidence is still there for those who look: vultures and red-winged blackbirds returned 2 weeks ago, and cardinals have varied their tune. In the Ithaca valley by Cayuga Lake, day lillies are sprouting en masse, hidden beneath the leaf litter. Sap is running. Days are delightfully longer and longer.


Hilda said...

I thought spring was on it's way here in Chicago as well--and was so looking forward to seeing things growing--like the greenery starting to sprout under the bird bath. The days were longer and seemed milder--and I felt secure enough to put away my boots and heavy sweaters. But Mother Nature has fooled us again--we've had so much snow these past two days that it feels like January again! And I shoveled wearing my garden shoes--I refuse to pull out those boots!! Spring is coming--spring is coming!! Happy Easter--Happy Spring! MOM

Nathan and Erin said...

I just heard a program on NPR about a scientist who is measuring the arrival of spring by using infrared satellite images to detect the budding foliage. According to her, spring is arriving 8 hours earlier each year, so you don't have as long to wait!

Happy Easter!


abigail said...

I'm still waiting for the red-winged blackbird's conk-a-ree (which I used to call the booker-cheese). It makes me feel like summer.