rock-boiling tales

On Saturday and Sunday, Phil and I volunteered at the Cayuga Nature Center's MapleFest. We were stationed at the "Primitive Camp," demonstrating primitive ways to boil sap. We used a large coal-burned log to show the visitors rock-boiling. It was a fun two days, and I think I learned a lot about group-presenting, and rock-boiling. I heard fun stories and great questions that I still ponder.

Initially with rock-boiling, my main fear was exploding rocks. Thankfully, I was well guided in my rock hunt (thank you Tim and Jed), and the rocks held up well. The day went smoothly, the sap boiled on. But, when I got in the car to leave on Sunday afternoon, I glanced in the mirror and saw that I had burned my left eyebrow and eyelashes! And I hadn't even noticed! Although it made me glad I had not let any of the eager kids in the audience attempt to fetch the rocks, it also made me realize (at least on one level), how oblivious I had been all day.

How can I trust myself to stay calm in the face of a real survival situation, if I lose awareness just when eyes and expectations are turned upon me?


Anonymous said...

Haha. Drop me a line if you want any help applying some falsies. You know. :-)~ Becky

P.S. Did you delete your MySpace?

heidiann(e) said...

ha! thanks! actually, you can barely tell - the singed ends broke off. i think i'm the only one who'd notice.

yes, i did delete my myspace. with the new job changes coming up, i need to start weaning myself off so much internet usage. i'm still on facebook.

abigail said...

Tough Guy Andy in in the midst of boiling sap, only he's not doing it the primitive way. Too many inherent dangers, and he likes his thick, curly eyelashes!