yurt move, parts one and two

This move of the yurt was in many ways much easier, and in many ways much more difficult. Each chapter of the experiment is humbling and teaches us so much. Each step makes me so grateful for our loving community of friends.

After we took the yurt down (easily managed by a team of five), it took all our human- and brain-power to move the deck. We slid this huge piece down the hill path. And loaded it onto a trailer. It can be done.
And this is the new site, pre-yurt.
Reconstruction in progress.

Decks are much more difficult than yurts. I am so grateful for ours, but daydreamily wonder what we'll do next time.

I'm praying for clarity.

(Stay tuned for pictures of the new site next week.)


winona said...

Ok. My new years resolution is to visit you folks soon. Any weekend in particular that would be better than others? I'm thinking Marchish.... Email me or somesink. LOVE!!!

abigail said...

Your new location is perfect. I'm sorry that we missed you all and Steve E.