yurt move, part three and thanksgiving

Our snow has come and gone. All the glorious white is melting away, so these pictures from November closely resemble what our place looks like now.

From our porch, the greenhouses, although now they're covered.

Nestled amid white and red pines, the birds own this spot.
Getting the feeders up and aquainting ourselves with the neighbors was on the top of our move-in list.
Phil hanging feeders with Aaron.
Now through the dome I see white pines waving in the wind, often with chickadees or goldfinches peering in.

Another step in the experiment, and another angle on the learning curve! Yes, the master composter now has a composting toilet! It's a nice little frame with an oak seat, and a bucket. The human deposits are layered between either peat moss or dry sawdust, and then allowed to decompose for 1 to 2 turns of the seasons. As you can see, Phil and Wil enjoyed the construction project together.

We have an outdoor solar-shower tent, which is too cold to use in the winter (for my taste). But it's perfect for housing the composting toilet.

Instead of a Christmas tree this year, I got a lovely wreath which I covered in nearly all of my ornaments. I loved it, and how it looked and fit into the circular shape of the yurt.

That's also our propane light, last year's Christmas gift from the Kings.

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