a year in clarity

I put on my wedding dress for our one-year anniversary this past September, inspired probably by Abigail and other lovely brides.

Phil also put on his wedding clothes, though he's fond of wearing them for most special days. My dress is still grey and dirty at the hem from wearing it over the wet and muddy grass on our wedding day. Since then, we've also both had pieces from our special amber necklaces break and crumble, but we still wore them, now held with some gorilla glue.

Phil tried to convince me to wear the outfit to breakfast, but I insisted that no, I'd look too funny. He continued to argue, "But c'mon! You'll look so funny!" No.

My only request was a breakfast and a mimosa. Phil found the place nearly by accident: The Carriage House in Ithaca. It's lovely and small and brick, the furniture being novelities like cast iron stoves covered in glass to be tables, among other antiques. It was really too nice a place to be taking so many pictures, so I shut the flash off and got these blurries.

Phil is delighted with his cappucino art.

Not being one to entertain many New Year's resolutions, but feeling deeply the weight of potential and excitement of a New year, I usually choose a word or mantra for my year. Sometimes it unfolds in the months, sometimes I set it up as my intention.

My prayer is for 2008 to be the Year of Clarity, and my patron will be the Flicker bird, whose voice calls to me from the treetops, "Clear! Clear!"


Sandy said...

I'll pray it too. I might even sit up in a tree and chip 'clear' 'clear,' cause that sounds like fun. I love you, and hope that clarity finds it's way peacefully and quietly into your mind and heart.

You are lovely, lady.

abigail said...

You are lovely.

Happy one year and here's to many more!

(And if I didn't see that mug of cappuccino under Phil, I would have thought he was grinning at a blueberry ice cream cone.)