another treasure

Out on an adventure with my apprenticeship, my mentor Jed found an owl pellet. Later, I pulled it apart and found this.

The back of the skull is missing, so the creature's head itself would have been a little longer than what we see here. From the black teeth, which are actually able to inject a poison (our only venemous mammal), I can tell this is a short-tailed shrew.


abigail said...

Three cheers to Sherlock!

I chuckled reading your deduction in the last line because you sounded so professional and matter-of-fact.

"The victim, dear sir, was killed in the dining room with a pewter candlestick by Miss Scarlett."

I bet you rock in that game.

winona said...

these pictures remind me of those books by that guy, that guy that you like.... you know, the pretty books with envelopes and postcards... and his name is maybe neil something (NOT neil diamond, which is the only clear option my brain is offering me right now). o, forget it. you know what i mean. i hope.