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I'm not writing enough. That is, not as much as I used to. I often blame this blog for distracting me from my journal writing, and thus my thinking. Either way, I am inclined to share here. So here is some thoughs from journals and letters.

I loved the movie, "Into the Wild," and the story, and Alexander. Each time I engage in a discussion about it, and Alex, I am so overwhelmed with just WISHING he had lived. Not to answer our questions, not to settle the mystery, but just to keep loving life and feeling its pains and joys. I really do wish he had lived, even if it had meant we'd never hear his story. But, that said, it brings me to something else. Phil and I are apprenticing with a group called 'Primitive Pursuits', whose mission is to basically introduce people to nature, to show them their connection to all of it, to somehow help them find how much they love it already. So there's that, and there is also the idea of voluntary simplicity, which I have been searching out for myself down wandering roads and amidst outsiders' confusion.

It's true - we need mediums to communicate that not only is the wilderness wonderful, it lacks definition because it is everything. Simplicity isn't just normal (as opposed to crazy), it is lovely and rich. Buying "green" still gets you more stuff, but letting things go can be freeing.

So now i'm rambling. More and more these days my only prayer is telling God that i'm waiting for clarity. I guess I'm trying to tell him that I'll keep fighting what I think is the good fight, keep following my convictions, but I can't see what's next. But really, that's okay. I trust what he says in (i think) Isaiah - Whether you turn to the left or the right, you'll hear a voice behind you saying, "This is the way. Walk in it."
No matter what choices I make, he'll keep nudging me along toward the next step. He'll be there. I wholly believe that.


New Grammy said...

I love that verse, too. It's Isaiah 30:21. I printed a large copy and posted it on the bulletin board in Erin's room ten years when she was deciding where to go for undergraduate studies. It's still there, and I enjoy looking at it and reflecting on the richness of its truth as demonstrated in her life. Believe it...He'll be there! xoxoxo

. said...

I first read Into the Wild the summer before our sophomore year and immediately bought my own copy. I think that whoever hears his story is struck pretty strongly, whether in admiration for his good qualities or in disdain.

I was the former, and papered the cozy walls of The Underground Railroad with quotes from the book overlapped with pictures ripped from National Geographics, a fire hazard if there ever was one! Poor Renee...

Anyway, your mention of the movie zipped me back to that time and to the secret, safe cocoon of the Railroad and made me glad. I heard an interview with Jon Krakauer on Public Radio over a month ago, and was wondering what the movie was like. It sounded good.

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