We've been doing a lot of cold-training with our apprenticeship. At least, that's how I think of it. Often, it's just staying outside for a 6-hour stretch, following tracks or identifying trees. Other times, it's more intentional.

One day we shed some of our bulky layers and added as many leaves as we could under our top layer of clothing. These leaves worked well for insulation. There seemed no limit to the amount of leaves you could keep stuffing under your shirt and down your pants! Finally, we had to move on.
Everyone felt like sumo-wrestling scarecrows.
A lot of it is just about learning to be comfortable with all the things outside in the natural world. Sometimes it means familiarizing yourself with the trees or hazards, bugs or elements.

But we knew we were waiting for the next challenge.We played a modified version of the ancient game of lacrosse, and then we were ready for our next step.


Matt Hardy said...

Woh! that looks cold, the whole water thing-o. I dont have an email for you and Phil. Go to aurorathelight.blogspot if you get a chance...

The Arensens said...

That is too funny!!! I love you for this, amongst my many other reasons, you crazy little bird - you!!!

And, I MISS you somethin' fierce!
Many hugs and kisses.