Phil and I were in Lancaster PA this past weekend for the infamous "King Christmas." Driving around the backroads one afternoon, to find a raw milk farm, I spotted a Bald Eagle (!!!) sitting in a farmer's field, eating a Canada goose!!! We pulled over to watch, and the huge bird took off. As we watched the huge bird winging away, a Sharp Shinned hawk showed up and started dive-bombing the eagle!!! (Sorry for all the exclaimation points, but I was and am still really excited about the encounter.)

It seems late for both the Baldie and the Goose to be still on their migration south.

As we drove away, a gaggle of Amish schoolboys were released from their one-room schoolhouse. They ran across the field toward the goose. When we later returned, the goose was gone.

Sadly, I missed photographing both the eagle and the hawk.

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