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The only, and I mean the ONLY thing, that I didn't get checked off my to-do list over the weekend was downloading photos at the library. Oh, that and taking the car to the shop.

Which is to say that it was a very productive, although unusual Thanksgiving weekend.

By Tuesday we had the yurt up at the Plantsmen Nursery, at our new spot nestled amid red and white pine trees. But with cold weather around the corner, we made the decision to stay home for the weekend to get the woodstove anchored and the fires stoked. So, Turkey Day found us out in freezing rain, listening to the "Into the Wild" soundtrack, putting up oodles of bird-feeders, but mostly putting up the woodstove-pipe and flashing.

The Waldens invited us for dinner, but we cancelled at the last minute (stove still wasn't ready), but finally started a fire at 4:30pm, and the outdoor temp was around 20 degrees. Oh, the comforts of home! We got cozy for a bit, then headed to town around 8pm to see where we could find turkey.

Unconventional holidays are always such an adventure. Usually, there's the predictable itinerary of traditions: mom makes dinner, you chat with the folks, you stuff youself silly, etc. But last week held the exciting uncertainty of: WHO will feed us? WHAT will we do?

The answer: After a bit of wandering, Kilpatrick's Irish Bar downtown. Free range turkey, and all the gourmet fixin's! We were giddy, then we were tired.

Since then, all the picures are hung, the curtains are up, the furniture is newly arranged, and it feels settled. We don't have our freezer any more, but the cold weather suits food storage just fine. There's a tap in the heated greenhouse (so it shouldn't freeze) where we can get water for washing. It's well water that smells and tastes sulfuric, but loses that quality when left open overnight. We've been making treks 5 miles toward town to the YMCA for showers and saunas and swimming. When we rented our lockers for the year, we felt pretty well moved in.

We still need to purchase or scrounge firewood for the winter, but since we only burned 3 face-cords (I always forget what that equals in real cords) last year, we should be able to find good sources. We got a tip for another lumber miller that will probably sell small untreated board ends. That's also where we hope to get our shipment of sawdust. Why sawdust? For the upcoming composting toilet! Stay tuned - it's going to be great.

Last weekend we also found that the new Lansing Gimme! Coffee shop was opened. Gimme is a local coffee roaster, and that's a treat that's hard to pass by.


Abigail said...

Yeah, baby! Composting toilet!

This'll have to take Phil's already impressive role as Master Composter to a whole new level.

I am glad for this update, I am glad that home begins anew, and I am glad for you.

winona said...

Oh, it's good to know you've nested again.

Purpose said...

Wow, sounds like lots of fun! Wish I was there to see it all. Can't wait to see you in December in Florida.

Hugs and Butterfly Kisses,

Rocket Surgeon, Phd said...

You guys are awesome, Heidi...

Auntie Lilla said...

Wish we could have helped you move and settle in, but I was busy rocking a sweet new addition to our family! I'm looking forward to celebrating Christmas with you. Hopefully, we'll have plenty of warm weather to heat your chilly bones! xoxoxo