minding our manners

Excerpted from: Traditional Yurt Etiquette, by Paul King

When entering the yurt it is considered impolite to step on the threshold or to hold onto the ropes.
The traditional greeting offered by the visitor consists of four questions: "Are you well?"
"Is your family well?"
"Are your cattle/sheep fat?"
"Is the grass good?"
The answer to each of these questions is "yes," whatever the reality.

There are a number of rules which guests should follow.
All weapons should be left outside.
Do not step on the threshold,
do not point your feet at or put rubbish on the fire.
Do not sit with your back to the altar,
do not whistle,
do not write in red pen,
do not step over older people
or point a knife at anyone.
One should take at least a little of any food or drink offered.
When offered arak or vodka, flick a small amount to the sky, the wind and the earth before drinking.

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Abigail said...

I can't wait to come visit next.

I might have to use a cheat sheet scribbled on my hand, but I'll be prepared.